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Dec 3, 2004
The EfexTek Phazix is an analog full-parametric phaser and filter device. Complete with six, rubbery knobs, the Phazix can control all the aspects and parameters of a true phaser effect and then some. At your fingertips, you are able to manipulate the phaser filter's center frequency, Q, gain, LFO speed, LFO amount, and the wet/dry mix. It has a true stereo bypass switch for easy, on-the-fly bypassing. Also on the Phazix is an input gain selection switch for choosing line or MIC level, and a beefy power button. An indicator also lets you know that the Phazix's circuits are ON. Connect a microphone (non-amplified and non-XLR) to the 1/4" input jack, and now you not only have a cool phaser effect on the mic, but you also have added a built-in microphone pre-amp to line level (-10dBu). Is that nice or what? With all of these features in a sweet, brushed aluminum box only 7" x 5" X 3" deep, The Phazix also includes a convenient power supply.
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